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Croatians snap up A Greater Love

Splendid Books is delighted to announce that one of our most popular titles, A Greater Love, is set to be published in Croatia.

Set against the backdrop of World War II, this acclaimed book recounts Olga Watkins’s remarkable true tale of finding – and losing – her true love.

Yugoslavian-born Olga was just 20 when she fell for handsome Hungarian diplomat Julius Koreny.

But as the war took hold, their lives were turned upside down when Julian was inexplicably seized by the Gestapo, leaving a terrified young Olga desperate for news of his whereabouts.

Despite the lurking dangers and against her family’s wishes, Olga set off to search for her fiancé, a journey that would end more than two years and 2,000 miles later.

Who could have ever imagined their love story would reach its climax within the blood-stained walls of a German concentration camp….

Now aged 89 and living in London, Olga is thrilled her story which has already moved so many in Britain will be told in her own native tongue.

“I’m delighted A Greater Love is going to be published in my home country,” she said. “This means so very much to me.”

If you’ve not yet read Olga’s gripping account of love against the odds, snap up your copy of A Greater Love now, available from Splendid Books and all good book shops.


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The Hunger Games boosts North Carolina’s tourism

The new blockbuster film The Hunger Games was shot in North Carolina, America which is now seeing a huge boost in its tourism according to a recent article in the Daily Mail.

Henry River Mill Village was used for District 12 in the film which plays home for the main characters. The actual mill no longer exists but several buildings and a store are still in place.

83-year-old Wade Shepherd, owner of the village told Association Press: “I’m getting too many visitors. Day and night, they’re driving through, taking pictures, getting out and walking. I’m just bombarded with people.”

North Carolina’s local tourist industry is making the most of the increase in visitors to the area by offering holiday packages and tours of the area where The Hunger Games was filmed.

To find out more about visiting North Carolina and the filming location go to the Mail Online.

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Revealed: The real life filming location of The Hunger Games

A great new article in The Sun has revealed the real-life village where the new blockbuster The Hunger Games was filmed.

Henry River Mill Village in North Carolina owned by 83-year-old Wade Shepherd is the real US ghost town where director Gary Ross chose to shoot the film.

Wade Shepherd has been trying to sell the village for years but since The Hunger Games was released he has had plenty of interest in the location which is on the market for £880,000.

To read the full article go to The Sun.


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