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Downton Abbey – worth every penny (or even £50!)

We all know that Downton Abbey is priceless but is this Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham on the back of Britain’s £50 note? Well, no – but we reckon actor Hugh Bonneville is a dead ringer for English steam engine mogul Matthew Boulton who features on the back of the note….

Read more about how and where Downton Abbey is filmed in The British Television Location Guide.


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The Mystery of Sherlock’s Devon Pub

Did you manage to catch BBC’s Sherlock last night? If so, you may be interested to learn that the picturesque ‘Devon’ pub featured in The Hounds of Baskerville is actually miles away in South Wales!

Called Cross Keys on screen, 16th Century Bush Inn can be found in St Hilary near Cowbridge where, with its thatched roof and cozy restaurant, it’s already popular with villagers.

Now thanks to its guest starring role on Sherlock, it’s likely to get punters flocking from far and wide to enjoy a drink or a meal and see for themselves where the top-rated drama was shot.

“Twitter was going mad last night during the show!” laughs owner Liz Silva Hooker. “We were warned how popular Sherlock is when we agreed to allow the pub to be used but the whole experience has been lovely.

“Everyone involved in the production from the stars to the producers and crew were absolutely lovely and charming; my husband Andrew and I and all the staff had a great time.”

For more Sherlock filming locations and many more buy The British Television Location Guide.


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From Peckham to Afghanistan

Everyone loves the Trotters – so we’ve despatched a dozen copies of each of our Only Fools and Horses books Only Fools and Horses – The Official Inside Story and The Official Only Fools & Horses Quiz Book to the excellent charity SOS (Support Our Soldiers) who’ve sent them on out to Afghanistan in time for Christmas.

“Only Fools and Horses was always very much part of the British Christmas so we thought it would be nice to send some Only Fools books out to our soldiers and we hope they enjoy them,” says Annabel Silk, Splendid Books’ Customer Services Manager.

“We are also very pleased to be backing the work of SOS which does a wonderful job in supporting our soldiers.”


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