The Apprentice cafe is open to anyone

It’s hiring season again and 16 ambitious hopefuls will be striving to impress tycoon Lord Sugar as The Apprentice returns to BBC1 tonight for an eighth series.

Over the next 12 weeks, we can look forward to plenty of highs and lows as the contestants vie for the coveted £250,000 business investment on offer to the winner.

Each week, the winning team will enjoy a special treat, while the losing side blame each other for their failure in a West London greasy spoon. If you’ve ever wondered if anyone can pop into the cafe for a cuppa, the answer is yes!

The Bridge Cafe in Acton’s Westfields Road is a traditional working man’s drop in and has been offering consoling cups of tea to The Apprentice losers for years. Owner Frank Marcangelo said the current crop of wannabes actually filmed the series between September and December last year, although he’s not giving away any secrets.

“Me and my brother Gerry who co-owns the cafe have signed confidentiality agreements with the BBC so I’m not at liberty to say who the final three are,” he said.

“But what I can say is that this lot were quite nice and it’s always fun having them film here. Business usually picks up once the series is on telly and we have tourists popping in which of course we’re very happy about!”

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