Fresh faces join Upstairs Downstairs

Upstairs Downstairs is back on television from tomorrow night with some new faces and gripping storylines.

As the residents of 165 Eaton Place – Lord Holland (Ed Stoppard) and Lady Agnes (Keeley Hawes) –  face the prospect of a looming war, they’ll be joined by the late Lady Maud’s younger half-sister Blanche, played by ER star Alex Kingston and society novelist Portia Alresford, played by Emilia Fox.

“I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to get inside the iconic 165 Eaton Place and join a show steeped in such history but that has been revived for a whole new generation,” says Alex Kingston.

Eaton Place is supposed to be in London but the exteriors of the townhouse are actually shot in Leamington, while the beautiful interiors are filmed at the BBC’s studios in Wales.

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