Civil War comes to Midsomer

If you’re tuning into tonight’s Midsomer Murders, look out for the amazing Civil War re-enactment scene which was filmed at magnificent stately home Knebworth House in Hertfordshire.

The stunning stately home which has been in the Lytton family since the 15th Century has popped up in previous Midsomer episodes and in this one, The Dark Rider, doubles up as fictional Quitewell Hall.

The production team enlisted the help of historical event organisers The Sealed Knot to make the re-enactment as authentic as possible and they became stars in their own right.

“We have about 200 members of the Sealed Knot as extras.  They are volunteers but came and camped beforehand and threw themselves into it wholeheartedly,” says the drama’s new producer Jo Wright. “We had four cameras filming at Knebworth with cannons and muskets firing. It was very exciting.”

Jo also reveals she plans to develop the partnership of Barnaby, played by Neil Dudgeon and Jones who is played by Jason Hughes. “I really like their relationship, there is definitely a bit of a bromance going on,” she laughs.

“They’re a bit Holmes and Watson, and there is a great chemistry between then, both on and off set.  Neil and Jason are both such great dramatic and comic actors and their timing is exquisite.”

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